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TVF Tripling is The Most Refreshing Trip You Will Ever Take

a must watch series

Tripping on TVF Tripling. 

I stayed up till 4 am last night watching  the 5-episode series of TVF Tripling as I just did not want to sleep without finishing the latest of the beautifully crafted stories that TVF is famous for.

As you must be aware. the story-line involves three fucked up souls who have no idea how to face what life has thrown their way during a certain phase of their lives. Thus, these three siblings end up being with each other after being close to no contact for more than 2-3 years through a random road trip.

It starts with the eldest (Sumeet Vyas) returning to India after getting divorced from Paula, his American wife. He is in tatters and is shown as a depressed, over thinking and quite the serious guy. Seeing Permanent Roommates’ Mikesh play such an opposite lead pasted a stamp on the great actor Vyas is, accompanied by the other two who completely justified the characterization of their own roles.

The other two being Chanchal (Maanvi Gagroo) who has tickled our funny bone by being a part of insanely comedic videos and of course Pitchers and Chitvan (Amol Parashar); I have seen Amol performing for the first time and watching the talent that he is filled with, I am definitely going to digest his entire filmography soon- Rocket Singh, Traffic, Babloo Happy Hai and Mili.

TVF surely has a knack for picking the best and I have not even begun to talk about the others in the cast who were like huge cherries to savor the amma made muffins 😀

As everyone likes to read a list of why they should watch something, let me start with the leading point:

TVF Tripling has a cast to die for

tvf tripling

source: dna

From the beloved Sumeet Vyas to highly acclaimed persons like Kunaal Roy Kapur and the flawless Kumud Misra, we get to see the mix of an amazing story-line, power-packed performances and a cultural shift to showing the meaning of a family. Personally I can touch TVF’s feet for being born and saving so many from Hindi TV operas, even though our generation doesn’t see them much. But it gives a super entertaining option for our family elders, considering they basically have nothing productive to watch.

The locations will push you to take a trip

tvf manali

source: huffingtonpost

That was well understood right. Seeing a show on a road trip should make you want to go on one. And TVF Tripling magnifies on the feelings of a traveler or a seeker looking for answers  and how one gets all of them by taking that random trip. The best part is not knowing where you are headed. I liked how the team shot the locations, they did not use unexplored locations, they used the roads and highways that might have been taken by you or me. Like the road till Manali, it made me feel so nostalgic and definitely made me get down to planning another trip soon. From the forts and expansive deserts of Rajasthan to the magnanimous mountains of Himachal, you can literally feel the weather and the mood of the people changing with their destinations.

In short, it’s beautiful and pushes you to pack your bags and run!

The story-line is simple, thus the beauty


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We keep asking ourselves how TVF  always manages to hit right into our emotions with every series they make. The beauty is in the story-tellers picking stories from around them, the people they live with and the closely knit lives that we all live. They pick the shared moments from the lives of a billion people, be it about forced arranged marriages, wasteful weddings, love or just the way a simple conversation can settle your life. They just pick one main point and create characters who justify the meaning of their pick. The dialogues, the character characterizations, the location and the hilarious incidents (Marco Polo), each lend so much charm to the series, making it a perfect whole in the end.

It is filled with insane amounts of emotion


source: afternoondc

This series did not have one-kind of a character. It had various shades- from the serious thinking to the chilled dudes. All had their own lifestyles and it made you have a peek into the way the brain of a person different than you functions. As TVF is made of story-tellers, they make sure you don’t see the picture from the eyes of just one character. Through this style, we could see why Chitvan does what he does, why Chandan behaved a certain way due to his life’s circumstances or how Chanchal was such a strong lady who wasn’t afraid to speak for herself in such an orthodox environment.

There, there, they just insert those doses of teaching to the masses so subtly that you don’t even get to know what hits you and gets your nose red or what starts you laughing till you become hoarse.

It is filled with subtle pop cultural references

tvf bike

Isn’t that cool as fuck? I don’t know if they wanted you to notice it or they just showed what the reality is, but seeing the trio on their way to find the Tiago on the badass above reminded me of Motorcyle Diaries, while Sumeet’s character reminded me a little of Hrithik from ZNMD which should not be a reason for offence as there are a million Hrithik’s roaming around till today who are so stressed and tensed all the time. They should definitely watch this and cut their lives some slack.

As they say, being inspired from anything- be it previous movies, shows or any feeling is justified. It doesn’t mean it will run on the same lines. Each inspiration has a different story to tell.

All in all, I am seriously running out of words to say how awesome TVF Tripling is (even though I have already written close to 900 words :P). If you haven’t watched it till now, please leave everything and watch it ASAP and thank me later.

Reel Value: 9.2/10


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