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6 TV Series To Watch To Laugh Your Ass Off

Life sucks, a lot sometimes. But there is an entire treasure trove that is available all the time to make us laugh, cry and distract us from the real life. Have a look at these master TV series that not only manage to tell amazing stories but succeed in making anyone who watches it chuckle with laughter.


Black-ish is based on an upper-middle class African-American family and has the most comedic band of actors who could ever exist. The family does everything to fit in the society like the ‘Whites’ which ends up making them forget their actual roots. The father played by Anthony Anderson realizes this and does whatever he can to remind his kids about their roots, style and culture.

Master of None

‘We have to learn how to make decisions man’

Master of None was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. Ansari plays a 30-year-old actor who is struggling to make his name in the busy city of New York. The name of the series is mainly from the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. The show connects with each and every person as the lead character has a big problem with making worthwhile decisions just like so many of us and struggles to find himself in the crowd.


Seeing diverse families with too many shades of color is always interesting. An alcoholic father and a missing mother makes 6 children raise themselves in the suburbs of America. The eldest daughter takes all the responsibility to raise her siblings though their financial condition calls for many tensions coupled with uproariously hilarious scenes.

Silicon Valley

When 6 programmers get together in the high-tech world of Silicon Valley, you get to see the most real version of struggle and fun enjoyed by these dreamers. Not only does this show cover the lost yet determined version of startup dreamers, it deploys a sense of comedy which all the owners of various start-ups can relate to.

The last man on Earth

Who would have ever thought the post-apocalyptic world could be funny! When the world gets wiped off humans due to a deadly virus we see the last surviving man travel across countries to look for other survivors and when he finally gets one, oh you must watch it for yourself.


How do you react when you come to know your father is a transgender after his divorce. The trailer of Transparent  might feel more emotional and sensitive rather than comedic but the show has many fun takes on the  eccentric lifestyle of a disjointed family where each family member has a unique secret to share. Transparent not only touches upon the most sensitive issues beautifully, it makes it fun and lends a comedic air to its tone without any mockery whatsoever.

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