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The Walking Dead Creator’s Brand New Show Just Cannot Be Ignored!

The Walking Dead’s creator Robert Kirkman has already wow-ed us by using his super talented genes in the creation of the epic series. Now, he has for us yet another series filled with not just zombies but exorcisms that are super deadly!

Let’s discuss the fresh take Kirkman will be utilizing to set the story of The Outcast, his next huge project.

Kirkman has written the pilot


He did not write the pilot for The Walking Dead. But for Outcast; Kirkman has not only written the pilot, he has been concurrently working on both the series to keep his creative juices flowing at their maximum.

The plot


The plot is based on demonic possession and exorcisms. Here is the catch! Kirkman’s main motive is not to set a plot based on a demon-possessed kid who gets exorcised by a priest/ess in a room with some spells and shaking furniture. His aim is to understand the cause of this happening and get to a probable solution to wipe out this demon in the series.

As you would be seeing in the trailer below: ‘Possessions is just the beginning’

Another beloved protagonist 


Patrick Fugit who will be playing the character of Kyle Barnes plays an emotionally traumatized person who has been scarred by demons as a child. Even after coming into such close contact with evil, he is a very good soul who prays for good things for others but this darkness that clouds his mind gives him a nice duality that would be liked by the viewers.

The Reverend’s Character

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You will not get to see a typical priest with a clean white collar coming to help people under the dark cloud of demons in the Outcast. Here we get to see  Reverend Anderson, played by Philip Glenister who is also a broken human; distressed, confused, a drinker and a smoker. He is not all steel under that brave cover.

The beautiful location


Kirkman is not a man to choose a location without a proper recce. The show will be set in West Virginia, a place that is not that much represented on television. Even if it is, it is shown to be a poor, drab place in comparison to its reality. It is beautiful, picturesque and lovely. Wonder how would Kirkman set the dark plot in such a lovely place.

As for the trailer, get ready to be creeped out!

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