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Why Stranger Things Is The Best Show Of 2016 So Far

While I was watching the re-runs of Game of Thrones and was trying to get over the hangover of Season 6, I stumbled upon a new Netflix series  called Stranger Things. I previously heard some of my friends talking about the show so I thought of giving it a try. And trust me when I say this, it was a decision I will never regret. I watched the entire season in one day. And now I am in a bigger existential crisis than I was in before.


Why the Existential Crisis?

Stranger Things takes you on a bone chilling horror ride in its 8 prolifically written episodes by the Duffer Brothers. The story is simple yet complicated and is laid out like a puzzle, with each episode trying to fill in the pieces. At the end of each episode you are left with a sense of satisfaction and curiosity.

Where Kids be the Protagonists

The main protagonists of the show are 4 kids who have acted so well that you feel they are in the acting business for quite some time. The casting is done so perfectly that it reminded me of E.T and Goonies, where the kid actors pulled the entire movie with their performance. I have always been a huge fan of Winona Ryder, thus, for me she pulled off the role of a desperate, scared and vulnerable mother with great perfection.


Each and every episode is directed to give the viewer a creepy and mysterious feel with a pinch of humor in it. Again hats off to the kids for making it mysteriously funny. The events surrounding its mystery are awful, terrifying and sometimes really sad. But you still find yourself grinning and laughing and cheering for the heroes.


I don’t know what will they give us in the second season. Huge doubts on keeping up the mill in the next season.

But enough cliffhangers and mysteries were dropped on us by the end of Season 1 that Netflix is sort of obligated to give us a follow-up as soon as humanly possible.


I do think the first season’s ending was a little weaker than the rest of the season, but that’s almost to be expected. Sometimes the journey is so much fun that when you reach the destination, you can’t help but feel a little let down.

Overall, this is the most fun series I’ve got to watch in a really long time. I watch a lot of shows that I think are really great, from Game of Thrones to Better Call Saul and everywhere in-between, but there’s something special about Stranger Things and if you love series, you really got to watch it!

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