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13 Reasons Why: Why It Is The Perfect Netflix Show This Season

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“13 Reasons Why”

What has made this show a sensation must not be lost on you if you are into watching series like I do. They somehow make each day so much more productive, don’t they? So, coming to this particular one, let’s discuss the gems that it gave us and whether the 2nd season would help in making the gems brighter or duller.

Talk about complexities, here is a whole Paradise for you

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Source: Slashfilm

A dead girl sending out 13 tapes telling the world the reason for her suicide might sound far fetched till you press that play button.

The show begins at a pace that keeps you hooked and the mystery behind the ‘reason’ on each tape lends an air of complex anticipation for you to unravel.

Talk about a blend of teenage feel and shockers, here you go with the perfect story-line.

Teenage problems are the biggest problems

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Source: PopSugar

I have been there, you have been there, we all have been there.

Oh, the deep pain we felt over those heartbreaks. The blades, rat poison packets and the suicidal thoughts that have been a part of many lives. The only difference was, you don’t discuss stuff like that with everyone.

This show gave an outlet to the many stories kept inside confined bodies, it opened those wounds which were sore back then and gave them the healing and the acceptance needed now.

Parents are distant, even when they feel the most close


Source: PopSugar

It’s not a piece of pie to easily communicate with your parents when you are a teen. There is this moody aura that develops around you as soon as you hit the ‘teen’ phase. It might not happen with all, but the majority of teens get led towards this path that is just theirs, and they are afraid to share anything with anyone except the ‘wrong’ people.

And if the reasons of sadness and depression are not shared, you know what happens.

If you aren’t ‘normal’, the world doesn’t feel so kind


Source: PopSugar

Remember your classmates who were bullied for just being who they were? And those girls who were taken to be ‘easy-peasy’ due to some random incident?

They might not have drowned in the image we created about them, but there must have been many who would have been broken from inside for being called something really mean.

You must not have seen it, but what if, they did try what Hannah actually did.

There are people who loved you but could never express it


Source: The Daily Campus

In school, guys somehow become a priority as soon as puberty hits in.

But, somehow, in that vulnerable phase, all the boys like to go on that one-way street by choosing to date you for your hot ass or your pretty face. If you get lucky, you would become friends with quite a darling, but he would always be so afraid to express his love to you. By the time he did, you would already be broken by the many douches you would have said yes to.

Mistakes are bound to happen, which make for the best memories


Source: NBC News

School is seen as the ‘best years of many a lives’. School made you what you are right now, and there will always be that personality in you. It might have made you fall flat on your face due to those stupid mistakes but it always gave that bright edge to your every day and I’m sure you miss it so much right now.

Remember our clinical counselors? Understand their importance now.


Source: Teen Vogue

The one in my school was a sweetheart. She helped me out of some really fucked up instances. Hannah didn’t get that. Maybe, you got what I did, maybe not.

Whatever the case, we now know why our teachers thought a counselor is an important addition in every institution and how this investment is super important.

The 1st season was packed with the best of everything. For me, it was a bummer when they released the 2nd season’s teaser. Let’s see if they progress it to something greater because they sure have risen our expectations to an alarming level.




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