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Mr Robot Season 2 Starts Where It Left Off And Its Breathtaking

Mr Robot is a show meant to make a change, you know like some story that opens your mind to all the things the society shuts off? Sort of an awakening of sorts to the few who control us like puppets. The show makers are so in sync with their show’s context and image that they ‘leaked’ the first part of Season 2 three days prior to the premiere’s screening.

Sadly, the show is not screened on Indian television so we had to go to varied lengths to inhale the power of the second season. I recently watched Part One of Mr Robot Season 2 and it was nostalgic. Yes, nostalgic, know why.

It reminded me of Sidney Sheldon’s Tell me your dreams

sidney sheldon, multiple personality disorder

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This book of Sidney Sheldon revolved around the concept of Multiple Personality Disorder. The protagonist suffered agonizingly from her 24 alter egos and it was impossible for her to live a normal life. In Mr Robot one of the theories suggests Elliott and Tyrell being the same person, add to that Mr Robot’s (his father) mind fucking alter ego. A total of 3 personalities in one person took me back to my teen phase of reading that book and opened the neuron of the possibilities of many interesting lives being lived inside one body.

The will to think and fight

elliot in season 1, mr robot

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When people start growing beyond their 20’s they somehow develop the qualities of compromise and adjustment for some weird reason. We take life as it is and we do not question the things and take them for granted day in and day out. Mr Robot highlights the things we must question and throws many answers of what lies behind powerful hidden doors. A big welcome from fantastical and unreal elements deployed by most entertainment mediums.

The characters

darlene and elliot in mr robot

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Each and every person in Mr Robot has a story to tell that is different from the normal lives we live. Here, they want to destroy that shade of normalcy and create anarchy in the minds of mechanical robots. With the premiere of Season 2, Mr Robot showed that they would be following the same pattern and story-line to question the working of the world. What can be better than that?

The extent of technology

smatphone in mr robot season 2

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In Part One of Mr Robot you would see a lady from E Corp living in a smart house where everything happens with a click of a button. It’s crazy! The way she tries to control the working of everything in her house (of course after Darlene hacks into it). It shows the level till which the lifestyle of the rich gets higher and more mechanical while they live off the taxes and lives of the less fortunate.

Elliot’s questions

important question in mr robot

Personally I love the conversations between Elliot and his psychiatrist. The questions he asks her, or the things he talks to her about life gets you thinking about your own life. The constant loop that he throws himself in Part One of season 2 to feel normal has a deeper connotation than his character. It’s a statement on all our lives, the way we fix our routines to a set pattern to feel normal or a part of the society is just crazy.

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