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Shocking Reveals By Game of Thrones Panel At The Comic Con

Many of us have stopped living after the finale of Game of Thrones as Sundays are back to being humanly normal, and there is nothing to look forward to. Yes, I am being a little too extreme in the description but let’s agree that Sundays are less exciting since Season 6 ended.

What else can we do but wait and dig in all the theories and leaked news about the next season. At the Comic Con held at San Diego, California the show makers and some of the cast members let out some tit-bits about the 7th season and they are deliciously shocking.

Benioff and Weiss said the book and the series will be ‘very different’

benoff and weiss at comic con

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The show is different, what other ingredient can they add in their super juicy minds must be left to them. This duo surely lives and eats the show for a living and we are sure whatever they are planning will be a masterpiece for the viewers, in every way.

Sophie Turner does not believe in Jon Snow’s character

sophie turner, comic con, san diego

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Isn’t that a shocker? Well not so much as we all know whose brains made the Starks win the Battle of the Bastards. Finally, Sansa is getting some confidence pumped inside her and Turner is not afraid to show it off. According to Sophie, Jon’s character is too weak and confused to really lead Winterfell, let alone the five kingdoms. Whatever will be the case, she says he cannot rule alone. He would have to take Sansa’s help in whatever he plans.

Missandei could get a character push

missandei's character gets a push in game of thrones season 7

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Missandei has always stayed by Daenerys’ side after being freed from slavery. Daenerys infact trusts Missandei blindly and always acknowledges her presence by her side. Their bond could get stronger with them nearing the Iron Throne, a power couple of sorts. And with Yara joining them, girl power would be a sure shot anthem.

Ser Davos predicts a White Walker taking the Iron Throne

ser davos at

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It surely sounds like a terrible joke but it’s Game of Thrones so anything might happen. We might probably see all the people we love killed and chopped off into pieces and the ones who will surely be left will be the White Walkers. Or wait, did he just hint at a White Walker Jon Snow?

Lastly, fans asked Sophie Turner about Jon and Sansa’s relationship; now that L+R=J has been confirmed and they are not even ‘out of line’ related. To which she just laughed out loud and asked the show makers to ignore the idea in their head.

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