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Game of Thrones: How Fans are Scared of a Known Ending

The ‘Dragonstone’ premiere of Game of Thrones Season 7 was a good respite after the torturous wait. Seeing all the characters in motion gives this super incredible feeling to all the fans of the series worldwide.

Though, one thing that is scaring many of us is ‘An ending which could be very close to GOT Fan theories’.

Since the revival of Jon Snow and the confirmation of him being Azor Ahai (is he?). Well, it somehow feels a little less on its shock value, which is its USP.

Also, with the addition of the talented singer Ed Sheeran to fulfill Maisie Williams wish- her being a great fan and all. It seems like the producers have started taking things way too lightly.

Forgive me, Sheeran, I’m trying not to be mean.

Even though “Initial GOT views from streaming have the tally growing to 16.1 million viewers, shattering any previous one-day record for the show”, according to Hollywood Reporter.

As a viewer, I was somehow not as happy because- if you accept it, the discussions were pretty small after the Season 7 premiere.

Things that reduced the great intensity of the premiere for me are as follows:

The Hound banging out prophecies


A man whose life was destroyed by the Fire is somehow being told the entire future by the ‘Fire God’. The way he started blurting out the ‘White Walker prophecy’, known to everyone in the GOT planet reduced his wit by a great meter. I mean, common. Even Melisandre couldn’t prophesize anything really tangible, like ever. So yeah, one of the most stupid scenes from the Premiere.

The Entry of the White Walkers



Not this, at all!

Theirs was the dumbest entry of the entire series. They have raised our expectations to the 7th cloud, so this was cruel nothing on their part. Wun Wun The Giant did not scare me at all, I mean why didn’t he?

He is supposed to scare the bravest of hearts for being a terrifying White Walker. There was no shock, no fear, his entry just happened and the show went on.

Samwell Tarly’s Potty Scenes


The field where Dragonstone definitely topped was its gross quotient. Poor me, I was having dinner while watching it, so let me cry on your comforting shoulder. The continuous repetition brought home the miserable life Sam had been leading at the Citadel.

It also brought home the fact that he can never lose weight, no matter how many feces he literally cleans.

The scenes might have been important but it led me to wasting my dinner, so ‘No Thankyou Sam’. I don’t sympathise with you.

The Pounders of the North



These guys were fine and not fine with anything. Like when Sansa says that loyalty should be awarded and treason punished. The Northerners looked at each other, like yes, she is so right mahn. And as soon as Jon Snow pardoned the Umbers and the Carstarks and asked them to pledge their support, they pounded with equal enthusiasm for this too. I mean, are they dumb.

Daenerys half-a-minute scene



Might be a little longer, but not more than a minute. I mean the episode is called Dragonstone and you show that place just to end the show. We wanted more of Daenerys and Tyrion! Might be a greedy bunch, but you are presenting us with a lesser number of shows this season, so better give all that you got right.


The highlight of the show for me was The Hound (before he lost his wit). These two dialogues made me so happy!

“Why are you always in such a foul mood?”



“Want any rum?”

“That shit is too sweet.”


The second highlight was Arya Stark, she caught many of us unexpectedly and that revenge look was so kickass!

And of course, this!


In the end, I just hope we don’t know it all ‘already’. They have got to increase their shock value as it’s the most watched show worldwide and they have got to, like, ‘Shock the world’. :p


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