Coke Studio 10: Here is the Full Lineup – And Yes, Momina Mustehsan is Back

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Coke Studio 10

Coke Studio Season 10 Lineup is Out

Coke Studio changed the whole structure of Pakistan’s music scene. Pakistan’s music is a vast, immaculate landscape filled with sounds that ooze culture and tradition with every beat. Those sounds have seeped deep in our veins over the last decade.

The music presented in every single season of Coke Studio has always been strong, and with every passing episode, it got better, stronger and that much more difficult to forget. But as nothing can be perfect; Coke Studio also suffered occasionally – an unavoidable aspect of something which is this grand, I guess. Those lows didn’t stop the fans from adoring the show. The fans always knew that when the show plummets to its lowest, it will also surprise them once again by reaching new, unexplored heights.

The show mentored by Rohail Hyatt and pushed in the right direction by the legendary Strings is back for its 10th season. The show will again feature some of the unforgettable pieces while creating new stars in the process.

Momina Mustehsan is back for the 10th Season of Coke Studio

This might sound like a worn-off cliché, but this season will be better than anything we have seen before – we will again sit and enjoy the legendary red set with those shimmering stage lights bustling out of the sky, and those background vocalists who can bring out their own album any time they want to, and of course, that guy in the back who is playing an instrument we have never seen before. We will again listen to our favorite song over and over again, and we will again criticize the one we think didn’t work out so well.

Pakistan’s music hasn’t been the same since Coke Studio came into the picture ten years ago – for some, it was never better, and for some, things should have been left like they were and commercialization of things didn’t help anyone.

The expectations are higher than ever before, and I am sure, CS10 will deliver. 70 years of Pakistan’s music is woven in one place, spread over ten years – the journey has been unforgettable for the fans. Pakistan’s identity, its culture, and its spirit lie in every single strum of the guitar, every chime, and every harkat that the singers took over the past nine years.

Ali Zafar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Momina Mustehsan are Back for Season 10

The theme of this season is Tribute to the Legends. Each producer, in their episode, will pay tribute to a legend. Shafqat Amanat Ali will give his voice to Bol Kay Lab Azaad Hain, paying his tribute to the great Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Umair Jaswal will take up paying tribute to none other than Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for Dum Mast Qalandar. Tribute to the late Junaid Jamshed will feature Ali Hamza, Ali Zafar and Strings for Us Rah Par. Covers and tributes will take a heavy chunk of each episode this year – you cannot complain this year, can you?

And this year, for the first time in ten years, two brothers will be seen together in one single song – Ali Zafar and Daniyal Zafar will feature together – this will be Daniyal’s debut.

List of Producers:

Salman Ahmed | Sajjad Ali | Ali Hamza | Sahir Ali Bagga | Strings | Mekaal Hasan | Jaffar | Shaani | Shuja Haider


Singers for Coke Studio 10:

Zau Ali

Aima Baig

Amanat Ali

Humaira Arshad


Daniyal Zafar

Ali Zafar

Ahmed Jahanzeb

Jabbar Abbas

Salman Ahmed


Umair Jaiswal

Natasha Khan

Farhan Saeed

Momina Mustehsan

Ataullah Eesakhelvi

Ali Sethi

Shafqat Amanat Ali

Rahat Fateh Ali

Humaira Channa

Nabeel Shaukat

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