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6 British Detective Series To Fill The Never Ending Sherlock Wait

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Television series are like God’s gift to mankind. The better the story the higher the gift value. With the infinite variety of television shows made and being made each day, it gets too difficult to choose the ones to watch and sadly, time is finite in comparison to the numbers.

In case you are a Sherlock fan and are tired of waiting for Season 4 since the Abominable Bride, do have a look at these top 10 detective series that will make you gasp with their intelligent story and drool-worthy accents.


Know why Idris Elba's Luther is a must watch- Gigareel

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Idris Elba stars as Detective Chief Inspector, his performance alone has won him numerous awards and words of acclaim. He plays an obsessed detective who cannot balance his work and personal life. His obsession of solving criminal cases leaves many shades of the criminals in his head. The dark characters along with the story-line is sure to keep you gripped throughout.

Ashes to Ashes

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A prequel to Life on Mars which is covered below, Ashes to Ashes is about Alex Drake, a police officer who gets shot in 2008 and wakes up in 1981! What follows is her research over how she got there and her meeting characters seen in Life on Mars. To know why it’s so amazing, follow the lead in Life on Mars covered below.

Life on Mars

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The British series Life on Mars has been remade in Spanish, Russian and American. It follows the same sequence as Ashes to Ashes where Sam Tyler, a policeman gets hit by a car in 2006 and wakes up in 1973. This sets the tone and context of the story, where Tyler as well as the audience try to come to terms with his awakening 33 years into the past.

The Fall

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This show is loved for its fast pace and mind blowing thrill. We get to see a team of professionals trying to hunt down a serial killer who attacks professional women in the city of Belfast. The show focuses on the killer’s life more than the team’s and sets a novel precedence over other detective series. The story of the killer and his fateful fall keep the viewer aghast with too many shocks.


broadchurch detective series

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Broadchurch has had three seasons in its kitty with each having a totally fresh story-line and case to solve. While the first season covers an 11 year old boy’s murder and the impact of grief and media attention the small town receives due to the same. The second season showed two famous trials of Joe Miller and Sandbrook.

Line of Duty

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Terrorists, Detective, anti-corruption units. When a man is mistakenly killed for a terrorist in an anti-corruption unit, the lead character Steve Arnott is transferred to the police anti-corruption unit. What follows is one of the most interesting story-lines ever!

What are you waiting for? Time to start binge-watching these deliciously crafted television shows!

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