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5 Points That Explain Why Battle of Bastards Was GOT’s Grandest Episode

You must have already seen a plethora of videos including ours on our Facebook page detailing the shocking facts of Episode 9; Battle of Bastards of Game of Thrones.

Fans and normal viewers went crazy after its screening and were stupefied to see one of the most engaging and fabulously directed battles on screen. Apart from the events on screen, did you know these    shocking facts about how the makers made that episode?

Have a look!

Every fake human/horse body was dressed with proper House armor with the sigil

battle of bastards

This point needs no elaboration. That mountain of dead bodies you saw in that episode were fake bodies of humans as well as horses layered up with that dead brownish coating. The show makers see to detail so minutely that each sigil on each horse was also put with the utmost thought.

An actual cavalry attacked Kit Harrington

Of course in much less numbers than seen in the episode, he would run away and flee otherwise. A set of close to 80 horsemen were prepared with their horses to gallop towards Kit Harrington when Ramsay tricks him into marching forward all alone.

cavalry atacking kit harrington

This particular scene has no CGI in it, imagine!

Iwan Rheon always wanted to face off Bastard Jon Snow


Source: Vox

Ramsay and Jon have never met in the Game of Thrones universe. Iwan Rheon, the actor who plays Bolton was ecstatic for the battle as finally he would meet the Stark bastard (the role he would have been cast in before Kit was chosen).

The punching scene was shot for over 10 hours

jon snow

Source: Mashable

Yes! 10 hours, for what? Well, the directors wanted to capture each side of Ramsay’s face along with Jon’s agonizingly painful blows. They wanted it all to be captured, left right and centre.

FYI, Kit Harrington really punched Iwan twice in the face while filming, poor bastard.

The shoot’s manpower was astounding


Not only did this episode cost a bomb but the makers had to employ 500 extras, 80 horses, 65 stunt actors and 4 different camera crews over a span of 25 days to shoot it all. Damn, 10 chick flicks could be made with this budget.

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