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10 Times Ted Mosby Made Us Meet The Man Of Our Dreams

Today is Josh Radnor, urf Ted Mosby’s big day! Naah, it’s not his wedding day, sadly he got married to Robin in the end so let’s keep mum about that (I hope you are a part of my dissatisfied gang). Today is his 42nd birthday and it calls for a lovely article on the guy who killed the time of many college students with a truckload of jokes and heavy discussions over his ‘mysterious’ wife.

Many of you might not have seen the show the way I am about to write this article, but Josh Radnor definitely played a character who was too sweet to digest, too sensitive to exist and damn loving to let go.

Let’s take a look at the 10 times Josh Radnor made us think that a man like him can and should exist.

He is so sweet, he could give you diabetes

joshn radnor with hearts surrounding him

source: tv

Josh Radnor and Ted Mosby can be called one and the same as Radnor is very similar to Ted even in real life. During the entire 9 seasons of HIMYM, there was not one moment when we saw Ted losing his cool over anything that happened in his life. He was sweet to everyone he met, and was always the understanding and sweetest guy you could ever come across.

He is good looking and naturally irresistible


source: tvpage

Unlike Barney, Ted never gave two hoots about going out of his way to ‘suit up’. He was comfortable in his skin and liked donning a pair of jeans and hoodies most of the time. This made him what he was and he never doubted himself over his looks, thus, he was naturally and incredibly irresistible.

Josh Radnor is like Ted in reality

josh radnor with family

source: heavy

Josh Radnor is from Ohio and has two sisters. Being in an environment surrounded by women, you tend to be more caring and understanding towards the opposite sex. We very well saw that in the way he naturally became the Ted we loved.

He always gets his heart broken

ted mosby old

source: screenrant

Ted Mosby is ‘the’ guy who would go out of his way for each and every girl he meets, and end up with a broken heart which would be healed by the beer at MacLaren’s. If you don’t find this sweet, you definitely have a wrong guy magnet in your head.

He is a great friend through thick and thin

how i met your mommy

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Lily, Marshall and Barney are like family to him and he can do anything to make them have a great time. You always see him accompanying Barney as his wing-man (haaaave you met Barney) and he never, ever ditches even during his saddest times.

He is a perfectionist

the mother in himym

source: tv

It is figuratively, not literally Robin. You might have noticed Ted having an eye for perfection, be it in the manner of speaking or the way his life functions. He wants it all to be perfect, from his love life to his career he hates a wayward sense of existence.

He is the epitome of balancing his career and love life

ted mosby in offcie

source: architectmagazine

He might be the sweetest guy you ever meet but you never see him taking his job casually. He thinks big and he wants to excel in whatever he does. Which girl would not like a partner like that! Which!

He is a hopeless romantic

ted mosby gif

source: rebloggy

From stealing the blue horn for Robin to being on the dumping ground during one night stands. Ted Mosby was and will always be the man who pours his heart out for every girl he has even a slight crush on and that’s cute as hell.

What do you love the most about Ted Mosby? Share with us in the comments below.


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