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You Won’t Believe These Horror Movies Are Based On True Stories

Is adventure a priority in your dictionary? If yes, then this post is definitely for you!

Some people think that they can be adventurous only if they climb mountains or take mysterious trips. But did you know that adventure can be achieved from the comfort of your house. Wondering how?

Well, what’s your experience with fear?

Fear is alarming and what can be a better way to get the feeling other than movies. Horror movies are exciting no matter what. A romantic movie may fail to make you feel the romance or a comedy may fail to make you laugh but, horror movies never fail to scare the shit out of you. The idea of watching a horror movie in itself instils fear and if the movie claims to be based on a true story then, God help you.

So, here is a list of top 5 movies that are spooky and you should or shouldn’t watch them depending on your bravery. These movies are bound to give you the chills and drive you nuts. They are spooky, they are haunting and on top of it, they are based on real life incidents. Take a look!

These Spooky Movies Will Turn You Cold

Watch these movies for a thrilling and chilling experience.

The Exorcist


This 1973 American film was adapted from a 1971 novel by the same name. It’s believed that the novel was inspired by a 1949 case. This movie is spooky, haunting and frightening.

Child’s Play


This 1988 supernatural film was co-written by Tom Holland from a story by Don Mancini. This movie is blood-curdling and will make you beware of the dolls around.

The Amityville Horror


This 2005 movie is blood-curdling and daunting. Make sure to keep a cross handy as you will need it. You can watch it here.



This psychological horror is a must watch for those who love thrillers. Watch this film for an unnerving and spine-chilling experience.

The Conjuring


Is there a need for me to say anything more?

While I type I can see a cat peeping through my bedroom door and wait, the lights just flickered. Jokes apart, watch these movies for a haunting sleepless night and experience fear like never before.

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