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These Quotes From “The Godfather” Will Help You Understand Life Better

“The Godfather” is a legacy unlike any other. Being the highest grossing film of 1972 and winning various Oscars, this movie is a milestone in itself. It keeps you entertained, intrigued and enthused right till the end and you just cannot ask for more.

As good movies are all about great content, here are few of the best quotes from the movie to help you learn some tips to play the game called Life.

These Quotes from “The Godfather” Will Make You Re-Think All That You Know

Get things done your way


If you have to get things done your way, you got to have a proposal one cannot deny.

How to be a Gentleman


It’s whom you spend time on that defines the place they hold in your life.

Learning Self-Respect


If you get “No” as an answer, it’s a NO.

Oh Yeah!


It’s what you make out of yourself. As we are born with nothing and it’s what we make out of this life that matters.

Setting priorities right


This way you will know what lies ahead of you.

Accept it, That’s how the world is!


Because, your success is a failure for many others.

Faith- Will keep You Going!


In the end, it’s faith and belief that keeps us all enthusiastic and motivated for tomorrow.

Gosh! I can feel nostalgia take its toll and can completely understand the reason behind The Godfather’s success. If you too are willing to watch the movie all again, you can watch it right here.

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