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Spider-Man Homecoming: Tom Holland Shines in an Otherwise Above Average Film

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Spider-Man’s 3rd reboot made me pretty skeptical. With so much fuss surrounding the Film rights, Marvel finally got what they wanted. Their own version of Spider-Man which would perfectly fit in the ever expanding MCU universe.

The film got many things right which were lacking in previous versions of the Superhero franchise. But yet again, Marvel tries to sell us the same formula of the storyline which is now becoming very bland and hard to take.

Let’s first talk about where Spider-Man: Homecoming ticked the right boxes.

Firstly, Tom Holland is superbly cast to play Spider-Man. We got a glimpse of what he can offer in ‘Captain America Civil War’ and he more than justifies his casting as the new incarnation of Peter Parker. His role as a hesitant, witty, vulnerable high school nerd gives a totally new version of Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

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The story starts where it should. There is no origin. There is no uncle Ben to talk about. We don’t see Peter getting bit by a radioactive spider, waking up to see a new version of himself. We do not know the extent of powers Spider-Man actually has. He is just like your average teenager who is still discovering himself and his powers.

We are not even thrown into his middling crises, rather we are a part of his journey of becoming an adult. In short, Tom Holland, seems to have taken the phrase “With great power comes great responsibility”, very seriously and handled the responsibility of the Superhero with ease. He is, for sure the present and future of Peter Parker.

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The detailing on Spiderman’s teenage sequences is completely mind blowing. From his crawling into the bedroom entry, to him using Snapchat while shooting webs, Director Jon Watts has done a superb job in showing what a teenage Spider-Man will do with all his powers

Though Tom Holland makes Spider-Man: Homecoming a treat to watch, Marvel has got to update their story-lines to genuinely give us a compelling watch.

Though, Marvel’s movies are always entertaining and full of amazing action sequences, they are becoming monotonous with their storylines.

We are always sold the same idea of the Superhero-Supervillain that seems to be becoming hard to take now.

Marvel delves a little too much in making the Avengers a spectacle to behold, making every standalone film too concentrated on the Final Chapter to come.

Michael Keaton seems to be the go-to guy for any role which has anything to do with flying. From Batman to Birdman to now, Falcon. Though a big fan of Keaton, I really did not like his portrayal of Falcon. It seemed incomplete and far off from intimidating.

michael keaton falcon

Source: LATimes

The final sequence between Falcon and Spidey looks like a Die Hard movie sequence where Spidey somehow just never gives up no matter what is thrown at him by the villain.

Not completely satisfied with the movie, I think it would be wise in making Spider-Man a successful franchise. Tom Holland has a very bright future ahead. And we would love to see standalone Spider-Man films in the near future.

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