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Restore your Faith in Love with these Delightful Movies


In the era of one night stands, broken relationships and deceived lovers it’s hard to believe in the feeling called LOVE. As pretty as it sounds, it is difficult to find and harder to keep but, most important of it all, it’s overwhelming to experience. But, the problem is time, as in this age where friends are for benefits and dates are matched on Tinder, how do you find or understand love?

Our one solution to all problems is movies and so, here we are yet again to understand this concept. These movies are sure to make you believe and understand love better.

These Movies Will Restore Your Faith in Love

Watch these movies to believe in the age old romance and learn it as it is.

The Notebook


This movie stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams and performed well at the box office. The fuming love between a young couple, loss and their reunion is a perfect tale of what all one has to go through. This movie will make you fall in love again.



How far will you go to save your lover from any kind of mishap? Will you live long enough to protect your loved ones? Will your spirit feel the way you do? This movie redefines love and gives you goosebumps. You feel sad about the protagonists’ loss but also, overwhelmed on his determination to protect his lover.

The Fault in Our Stars


Despite the fact that we all are aware of our mortality, we still fail to live in the moment. This movie beautifully captures the life of diseased lovers and the way they live their time with each other. It is based on a novel by John Green by the same name and we can’t thank him enough for this masterpiece.

Sleepless in Seattle


Most of us lose hope after the loss of our first true love. This movie deals exactly with the same subject. The protagonist grieves the loss and what happens next is beautifully recited in this movie. It gives you hope, lets you believe and makes you the wonderful charming person again.

I can derive one message from all these movies- “You will find love where you least expect it and yes, it will be beautiful.” Okay, then I can sleep with peace.

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