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PINK: If This Movie Made You Feel Something, This Review Would Definitely Re-ignite The Same

Movie: PINK

Star cast: The Great Amitabh Bachchan, Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Tariang (The Innately Born actors)

pink movie scenes, powerful review

source: Deccan Chronicle

What do you feel when you see a movie based on your own life? A projection of the day-to-day functioning of the society in the most raw and natural manner?

A REVELATION happens. A Revelation to the many people who live like you do, who are thrown into living incidents similar to yours and who make mistakes and are blamed for it just like you.

For the entire Delhi populace out there (the whole of India for that matter): born in and out of the city/country. Let me tell you why is the movie PINK so important for you to watch.

No, this is not going to be a guiding, similarly worded list from the umpteen sources on Google. It’s a story about me, which is very similar to yours and which has ‘finally’ been showcased on an international medium called the ‘çinema’.

Three girls go to a rock concert. They meet friends of their friend. They plan to go out for dinner and drinks together. They feel it would be a fun outing, they feel safe. The boys have other plans, they want to have sex with them. When forced one of the girls (Tapsee) hits an MLA’s guy with a bottle on the head. What follows is a never ending loop of harassment and torture for the three girls for taking a step for which Ex-lawyer Deepak Sehgal (Mr Bachchan) represents them.

tapsee pannu, pink movie

source: timesofindia

This was a short synopsis of the movie. A simple story-line with a message that can beat the strongest of minds if they allow themselves to open their closed minds.


amitabh bachchan pink

source: ohmyindia

I am girl.

I am not from Delhi but I have been staying here since more than 5 years so I know how it functions. It’s basically the city that has made me the adult I am through the many shocking incidents, the free life with its ‘freebie’ stares I get for being a girl and the ‘real’ friends I have made after the ‘many’ mistakes we all fall trap to.

The film ‘Pink’ was a national outlet I finally got to watch after spending close to 2000 days which is equal to 48,000 hours or to focus on the long duration- 69,12,00,000 minutes of my existence in the ”capital”.

amitabh pink quotes

source: pinknest 

Have you lived in Delhi for the same duration as me? Or lesser or more. Well, that doesn’t matter. You start understanding the city in the first 2 months itself.

So, just like these two girls are like normal human beings who have come to the metropolitan city to make a living or name for themselves, just like ”you” and ”me”. They believe in the concept of people who talk what they ”’think” and act the way they are.

Because, Common! Haven’t we all lived with such people back in school who acted the way they were. No wonders we had group names for everyone- the nerdy group, the mean girls, the cool gang and such. People were what they were and they were unafraid to behave that way!

Though Delhi was a different world altogether. Here you met people who spoke something and thought something else, who liked telling you half-baked incidents and left the raw parts under their skin and who liked to smile while clicking selfies but never as much as shared a warm conversation with you.

*I might digress on the way just like Mr Bachchan did but it should prove my point in the end*

amitbh sir

source: catchypost

So with time you understood the different shades of people and how they liked to operate. Some liked to be straightforward, some had hidden meanings in their flattery (oh wasn’t that common) while some were really true and stayed with you till the end. You are probably glad to be left with them beside you.

Coming to the point of how this form of trust-building for you kept changing with each day and month of this 69,12,00,000 minutes  with the kind of people you met and the many ones who used you; you either continued to learn or decided to give up as the continued scrutiny got too hard to handle.

In the movie Pink these girls reached a breaking point of the harassment they faced at the hands of a few Haryanvi goondas who think they can do as they like to the girl their eyes fall upon.

pink movie, metro scene

source: Women Planet

“That girl out there, she is wearing such a short skirt, hasn’t she worn that micro-mini to ease the reach of my hands till her vagina?” OR

“This girl has such a drinking capacity, she is definitely drinking so much around me to get drunk as fuck so that I can fuck her till she bleeds. Let me begin by moving my hands around her bare skin”.

And a host of other dirty thoughts that emanate from the minds of these ‘men’and ‘women’ who ‘view’ girls who like to be natural to their personality. Of course the women don’t think the same thoughts I have typed above.

Their thoughts go this way,

“How easily she shows those bare legs, which kind of family is she from. Whatever happens to her is her fault”

“A girl smoking!! The world is definitely coming to an end according to the Mayans” (Ghor Kalyug)

*BTW it’s fine if these men and women smoke up Sita during yearly celebrations of Holy Agnee Pareekshas and other shitty mythologies*

sita agni pariksha

source: The Wire

Coming to the movie and your and my life, do you like to dance, drink, smoke, smoke up, wear sexy clothes, learn to ride a bike, be a bold personality, walk around the streets at night, be open to your family about your preferences, have your own flat with Satan’s posters or a bunch of lovely books with a cup of coffee by yourself.

If the answer to any of these is yes, but it is impossible for you to do any of these without being stared at or looked down upon by a minimum of 2-3 people you have never seen in your life and a maximum of a million eyeballs that follow you around wherever you go.

Let me hold your hand and hug you.

Let me do that first till you cry out the injustices and limitations that surround you, then I will let you watch the movie (once again if you have already seen it )and we shall laugh together, cry together and continue to fight together to somehow ‘LIVE’ without being branded with different tags from people who don’t even KNOW US.




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