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Movies That Set Friendship Goals Loud And Clear

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Out of all the mortal relations we have, there is one relation that is the solution to all kinds of problems – Friendship. The one stop destination to take you through all what life throws at you. It’s like a ship to take you through the high as well as the lows of life. Also, as each friendship is different and unique this post is dedicated to all the messed, beautiful, surreal friendships out there.

Let’s take you through the best movies that define and depict your friendships in the best way possible. These movies are Friendship goals and will make you call your friend-NOW!

Movies That Best Picturise Your Friendships




This American comedy film is a combination of wit, fun and humor of four friends who are on a trip for their bachelor party. The misadventures and the innocence of their friendship is a delight to watch and sets real life friendship goals.

The Harry Potter Series


While Harry is on his mission he is accompanied by his friends who are naïve, innocent and help him through everything. Their friendship carries the rawness of immaturity and innocence. Watch this to cherish your memories and understand the intricacies of every relation again.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants


Graduating high school changes a lot of things but, one thing that remains constant is friendship. This movie is all about how with new changes you come across new people, face various challenges and make new friends. But, the ones to know you best are your old buddies.

The Shawshank Redemption


This 1994 American film was critically appraised and Oscar nominated for its excellent script and performance. This movie is a beautiful depiction of the silent, strong friendship between the protagonists.

Sex and the city


This American comedy movie is all about how your friends stay with you through thick and thin. Real life discussions, shopping sprees and regular vacations sort everyone’s life and prepares one for everything that comes your way. This movie is the best movie depicting friendship in all its glory.

Which ones are you planning to watch? Let us know the ones you enjoyed the most in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to call your friends and trouble them a bit more.

Happy Friendship Day!

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