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Movies That Had Their Endings Changed For Good


“All is well that ends well”- a popular saying that holds true for all of its instances. While the first impression is considered to be the last impression, it’s the ending that you carry as a memory. Same is the case with movies -the beginning defines what’s in store for you and the endings define what you will feel after the movie ends.

Undoubtedly, both are equally important and none of us can imagine different last scenes for the movies we have loved. But, what if they were having different closing scenes? Let’s take a look at the movies which were supposed to end differently but, were changed for good.

Here’s A List Of Movies Where Endings Were Changed

These Movies changed their endings for good.

Pretty In Pink

This 1986 Rom-Com initially had the protagonist Andie ending with Duckie. But, the test audience did not like the ending and thus, the change Of Andie-Blane was made.


This 1994 movie was supposed to have a dark ending with Dante’s Death. But, as Smith’s mentors disapproved, the ending was changed. You can watch the original ending above.

DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

This 2004 sports comedy was supposed to end with Average Joes losing the final game. But, as the test audience did not enjoy the conclusion the changes were made. Thankfully, we get to see Ben Stiller do his “Milkshake” dance move.

Fatal Attraction

This 1987 movie was supposed to end with Alex Forrest committing suicide, resulting in the arrest of Dan. Later, Beth saves Dan by taking the revealing cassette that Alex sent Dan to the police. The cassette clearly states Alex’s intentions of killing herself and accusing Dan.

The Break-Up

This 2006 Rom-Com was initially closing with the protagonists ending up with new lovers and ignoring their exes. But, as rumor has it, the studio learned that the audience wanted a happy ending for Jennifer Aniston and thus, the changes were made.

Wow! no matter what the real endings were, we are happy that the movies concluded the way they did.

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