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A Coming Of Age Film That Is A Must Watch This Summer

the coming of age film you must watch this summer

Film: Kerry On Kutton

Starcast: Satyajeet Dubey, Aradhana Jagota, Aditya Kumar, Karan Mahavar

kerry on kutton

Films are made for a reason, there is something that drives the writer of the film to pen that particular screenplay after the experiences he has lived and the lives he has come across. Like they say whatever spurs out of your mind is a manifestation of what you have seen in some part of your life.

We have seen many coming of age films focusing on the youth of our nation, from a dyslexic kid from a well-off family in Taare Zameen Pe to a youngster trying to realize his dreams in Wake up Sid.

ranbir kapoor in wake up sid

Somehow the plot and the characters always lean towards the city life and the metro culture, with ZNMD, Queen, Rock On serving as more examples. Finally we have a film under Anurag Kashyap’s waving green flag which not only covers the life of four teenagers in a small town called Ballia, it makes us meet these characters and lets us see the lives they live, their idea of ‘fun’ and all the problems they face.

As the film is more on the entertaining side, we won’t be shown a sad state of affairs prevalent in the youth in small towns (Thank God for some uncensored fun). Instead we will get to see their cool swag, their life’s routine and things which we would normally not have seen ourselves; well some of us might have.

To know some details about the plot and the eccentric characters present in the film you can check out this beautifully written article: Kerry on Kutton: The Famous Four You Just Cannot Miss

Here is a small video of Aradhana Jagota, one of main protagonists from the four main characters talking about the film. And just like me, I am sure you would lie in wait to watch the film as soon as it releases!

Also, don’t forget to see the trailer of Kerry on Kutton for shifting your second gear towards this super exciting film.

Release Date: 1st July, 2016

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