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Here’s The Reason Why The Princess Diaries Will Be My All Time Favorite

The Princess Diaries is a movie I can’t get over, ever. Every time I watch it, I am transformed to my 11-year-old self, where recognition was all I wanted. The movie did wonders for my younger self and explained many complicated scenarios with ease.

The movie was a delight as Anne Hathaway was all I wanted to be. The intricacies of life, the need to be validated, and the love which a princess receives was something I was envious about. But, that movie explained everything to me from the highs of life to the lows that follow. Even today, this movie never fails to teach me a thing or two. This movie I believe should be watched by every teenager out there. It will make you more sensible and mature. You will learn how to deal with life better.

The Princess Diaries will give you confidence and the right to be wrong and accept it. It will teach you how to fight the bullies and how to cry it all out when needed. Read below, to know why I am all praises for this movie.

These Quotes are the reason I can never get over The Princess Diaries

Here are the best quotes from the movie which I resonate with and will never let me get over the movie.

She Will Always Be a Grandma First


You Need To Speak For Yourself


When Reality Seems Strange


Because It’s Necessary To Vent it All Out


Happiness Lies In Small Things



Princess Diaries1

This movie has been, is, and always will be the best movie for me. It’s close to my heart and has given me the confidence when I most needed it. We all know growing up is tough but, if you can seek help it can be fun.

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