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Here Is A List of Top 5 Inspirational Movies To Fight The Mid-Week Blues

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If you are losing motivation and waiting eagerly for the week to end as soon as possible, this post is for you. I understand that there are times when you cannot make through the entire week. Getting up in the morning, going to work, returning and in between all this, the daily stress of work, what to eat and traffic. Gosh!!!! I can feel the exasperation while writing it all down. But, Thank God! We can find motivation through various means. One for example is the inspirational movies. Yes, movies are always there to help you out of any situation. Don’t believe me, keep reading.

We are here with a post to help you out of these tensions and face life as it is and Bend it like Beckham. And, what can be a better way to find motivation while entertaining yourself. So, here is a list of movies that will make you hit the bull’s eye and inspire you to perform better. These movies can prove to be a great boost for you to take you pass the whole week.

Top 5 Inspirational Movies

The Devil Wears Prada


This 2006 American Comedy-Drama is remembered not only for Meryl Streep’s splendid performance but also, for its commercial and critical success. Although, this movie revolves around the fashion world but, it doesn’t fail to mark the challenges of an employee. It’s about how an employee (Anne Hathaway) overcomes those problems and emerges as a winner. This movie is bound to give you the boost you need to turn your lemons into lemonades.



This 2015 movie was based on the life of Joy Mangano- a divorced mother of two, a booking clerk who rises to be a millionaire and the owner of a business empire. This movie is a perfect combination of challenges, defeats and victories faced by the protagonist. It is one movie you can look up to and inspire yourself on any dull day.

The Pursuit of Happyness


This 2016 movie is another biographical drama film based on the life of Chris Gardener. This movie needs no words and should be experienced. The struggles of a homeless father, his dedication and hard- work which lead him to the top of the game. This movie is not just a movie but, a lifetime experience.

Big Eyes


A 2014 American biographical film winning various awards and being appraised for what it is. This movie shows how at times you have to fight against your loved ones for what is rightfully yours. This movie presented the struggle of the artists and how one has to fight against all odds to get their due. This movie is a perfect blend of art and emotions.

Miss Congeniality


This 2000 American comedy shows the difficulties faced by Gracie Hart (protagonist) to achieve her goals. It shows how you have to believe yourself, even when nobody else does. This movie proves that no matter how many times you fall, it’s the times you get up that matter. The protagonist fails miserably in her mission at times but, it’s her belief in herself that makes her the ultimate winner.

Watch these movies to feel the zeal and be ready to rule the world once again.

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