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Top 5 Movies On Immortals- Time to Explore The Unknown

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Have you ever questioned the existence of the afterlife or tried to fathom the existence of the unknown? Mysticism, spirituality and the concept of immortality have always been ridden with doubts. There are some of us who believe in them while others don’t. Some find it horrific and terrifying while others find it interesting and are curious to know more.

The knowledge of the unknown has always surprised many and rightly so, has led people to uncover its hidden secrets. There are people who say that they have had hands-on experience with spirits and then, there are those who claim to have had near death experiences and have come back alive.

While one cannot agree or disagree to any of those claims, we cannot fail to acknowledge the interest it creates in our minds. The result of which, are the movies which present this unknown idea in a very mature and engrossing way.

Here is a list of movies where the idea of the unknown like the afterlife, spirits, angels and immortals is presented in the most engaging manner.

Here are the top 5 movies on Immortals

Wings of Desire


This fantasy film is a beautiful depiction of immortals and the invisible. You get to see angels taking care of humans and watching them (humans) live their lives. It’s an insight into the lives we live from a third person’s eye and their take on it. This 1987 film won various awards and went on to be a critical and financial success.

The Man from Earth


This movie is a 2007 science fiction and deals with a man who has lived for more than 14,000 years. The man reveals this truth to his colleagues at his farewell party. What follows is a great intellectual discussion. Watch the film for an intellectual boost right here.



Based on the 1961 novel, this 2002 psychodrama is set on a space station. The protagonist travels to a planet named Solaris after receiving a request from his friend. The story thereon is an interesting take based on flashbacks between memories from Planet Earth and Planet “Solaris”.

This science fiction is bound to keep you hooked and intrigued.

The Fountain


This 2006 movie is a perfect blend of spirituality, fantasy, science fiction and history. This movie consists of three story lines on lost love, immortality and a man’s pursuit to avoid ill fate. All three stories are beautifully interwoven, resulting in a great masterpiece.

The Tree Of Life


This 2011 movie deals with the origin of the Earth and the meaning of life through a middle-aged man’s childhood memories. It makes you think about life in a very different perspective. You can watch the full movie here.

Movies are a glimpse into the real world and at times, into the world of the Unknown. We cannot be everywhere and cannot experience everything and that is where our imagination gets into play.

These movies are a result of those imaginations which have dealt with the unknown in the most magnificent way possible. Watch these movies to experience another life and visit the unexplored paths through these characters who are sure to enlighten your vision on life.

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