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Get Aroused with the Top 10 Sexiest Movies of all Time

summertime lesbian film

Home alone with a laptop in front of you? There are many things to do- like watching movies, series, reading books.

Now what’s your kind of genre? Like the genre for today. If you are looking for some hot, steamy movies that are sure to arouse the deepest of your senses, we have something close to perfection for you.

Wait no more, cum…err, scroll down to get your list.

Nymphomaniac Vol I & II

nymphomaniac vol II sexy nudes

This just had to be on the list. Many of you know about it, I am sure. For those who don’t know about these two volumes, these films come under the porno category due to their explicit nakedness. The story should not be told, it should definitely be seen by you if you are into watching naked truth on the highest level. About a girl named Joe, who is literally in love with the definition and verb of sex, this film will surely get your temperature rising in no time.

*Too many orgasms to intake*

A Frozen Flower (2008)

a frozen flower gigareel erotic

An erotica based on History. If you are just looking for lots of naked bed scenes, this is not for you. As this film has a meaningful story with meaningful erotica.

A Korean film released in 2008, its about King Gongmin of the Goryeo dynasty who is in love with his military commander Hong-rim. Being a King, he is married to a princess of the Yuan dynasty but cannot conceive as he is gay.

So he asks Hong-rim to impregnate his wife. What follows is a torrid love affair between Hong-rim and the Queen, of which the King is not a part.

So what you’ll get is a great story along with hot, steamy scenes.

Love (2015)

love french erotica

A French 3D erotic romantic drama. Do I need to say anymore? What you’re going to get is a lot of steamy flashbacks filled with sexy, super sexy sex. Which is probably what you’re looking for.

P.S: Most of the sex scenes were not choreographed and were impromptu.

Dressed to Kill (1980)

dressed to kill sexy scene

If erotic thrillers are your thing, do watch this! Dressed to kill is about a frustrated housewife who has a one-night stand with a random stranger, and is killed the next day in an elevator. What you’ll get is a thrilling story-line with some super steamy scenes to arouse every essence of your being.

Portrait of a beauty (2008)

portrait of a beauty korean erotic

This South Korean film is about a girl who disguises herself as a man to be a part of the world of court painters. According to her father’s wish she learns from a master painter who notices her girlish features and starts to fall in love with her. What follows is jealousy and desperation when she start liking another person from the city.

Killing me softly (2002)

killing me softly sexy scenes

Another erotic thriller on the list, this film is about a woman who leaves her boyfriend for a stranger after randomly having sex with him. What follows is not only horrifying, but scarily creepy to say the least. Watch it for the story and the sexy nude scenes.

The postman always rings twice (1981)

the postman always rings twice sexy poster

Sex, cheating and murder. Starring Jack Nicholson, The postman always rings twice shows the steamy affair between a lady café owner and a drifter (Nicholson). It shows how the two get together and scheme the murder of the lady’s husband.

P.S: Lots of visually feisty scenes.

Fat Girl (2001)

fat girl teenage sexual awakening

About two teen sisters who go on a vacation and open up about their sex lives much too deeply. One sister is fat and low on self-esteem while the other is disarmingly beautiful. They meet a man who forces the pretty one to have anal sex with him. Loaded with many sex scenes and a violent ending, you might want to surely try this one.

It was banned for a while in Ontario and Canada due to the explicit teenage sex element. Though, the ban was lifted later.

Summertime (2015)

summertime lesbians

About two women who fall in love and have to fight against all social odds to be with each other. Summertime has a beautiful story along with seductive love scenes.

Sex and Lucia (2001)

sex and lucia sexy scene

The title might make you think its all about how Lucia has many sex encounters. Well, the film has many sex encounters but it has a story-line which fades into the past and present. About two women and a man who is a part of both their lives, Sex and Lucia has a juicy story, sexy bodies and completely uncensored, explicit scenes.

So, what are you planning to watch today 😉 How about commenting your choice below?


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