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Doctor Strange [Review] : One Of The Most Visually Stunning Superhero Movie Of All Time

Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), the genius-know-all neurosurgeon who can cure almost every head injury, gets in a serious car crash which renders his hands virtually useless. With no solution in the modern medicine, Cumberbatch seeks solace in a place filled with magic and ancient arts headed by ‘The Ancient One’ (Tilda Swinton). Thus begins his journey to become a master in white magic and save the world from dark dimensions. Marvel’s latest offering subtly lays the groundwork for the last Avenger movies and continues to establish the new phase of MCU heroes. Doctor Strange is a typical Marvel superhero movie which leaves you sitting till the end.


The first sequence of the movie was more than enough to make me sit tight to the edge of my seat. Kaecilius and his goons fighting with The Ancient One, and to gain advantage, bending and folding buildings like an origami. With its dizzying visual effects and kaleidoscopic action sequences, Doctor Strange is definitely one of the most visually extraordinary movie I have seen in recent times. Its like Inception meets Harry Potter meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. Benedict Cumberbatch, as usual, is great with his one liners and his witty comebacks and looks like a perfect cast for the superhero role. Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) plays a brilliant support role as Dr. Strange’s mentor cum friend.


Marvel excels in connecting different storylines and universe and makes it look like some sort of huge puzzle, being solved, one movie at a time and Doctor Strange is no exception. With the Avengers being mentioned in the movie more than once, we can expect Doctor Strange to appear in further Marvel movies like Thor : Ragnarok and Avengers : Infinity War. 

Rachel McAdams’s acting talents are somewhat wasted in the movie as her character as Strange’s love interest didn’t make any impact. Also, the antagonist problem continues for Marvel. Their villains are just mere villains who are defeated rather easily. We are now only left with Thanos as the last hope to see an antogonist larger than life. But overall, Doctor Strange leaves you awestruck and you are surely going to watch it more than once.


Conclusion : Doctor Strange is a brilliant movie with some breathtaking action sequences. The movie offers freshness and originality which was recently lacking from MCU and makes us wait for Infinty Wars even more .

Reel Value 7.5/10 


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