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A-1 Movies that Celebrate the Culture of Hip Hop


Today is a special day for all music and dance lovers. It was on this day that we were gifted with a new form of music called Hip Hop. As we celebrate the 44th birth anniversary of Hip Hop we thought of going a bit further and entertaining ourselves. And, what can be a better way than watching movies based on the widely accepted culture.

Excited? Let’s take a look!

Here Are the Top 5 Hip Hop Movies

These movies will keep you entertained over the weekend.

Wild Style

Produced by Charlie Ahearn, this 1983  movie was the first hip hop motion picture. It featured prominent figures from the hip hop culture like Fab Five Reddy, Grandmaster Flash etc. and also depicted the activities which were common in the early days of the upcoming culture.

The Last Dragon

This 1985 movie now termed as a cult classic was initially a critical disappointment. This movie uniquely combines martial arts with break dancing, influencing the modern culture for better.

Fear of A Black hat

This film is based on the evolution and state of American Hip Hop culture. This comic movie proved to be the most perceptive and funniest movie of all times.

8 Mile

This semi-autobiographical drama is based heavily on Eminem’s life. His upbringing, early days and journey is beautifully depicted, making this movie a masterpiece. Watch this movie to love Eminem more and be inspired like never before.

Step Up

This 2006 romantic dance film is a cherry on the cake for all the dancers out there. The dance moves are dazzling and provide a good dose of hip hop to its viewers.

I am ready to hit the dance floor while listening to Eminem, are you?

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