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Who Would Have Thought PIXAR Could Make Us Cry in Less Than 7 Minutes? Watch ‘Borrowed Time’


‘Borrowed Time’ went viral within hours of its release a couple of years ago and drove through the hearts of the viewers.

of film festivals and picked up countless of awards along the way. The trailer was released briefly on Vimeo before finally getting a full-fledged release. Best Animated Short Film of the year? May be. Best Short Film of the Year that I watched? Hell Yes!

Every year many shorts films are released that boast about being an Oscar Nominee, and there is nothing to be surprised about that – movie makers spend years polishing their work before putting it on a plate for the viewers to enjoy. The people at Gigareel, on the other hand, are not among the ones who watch short films to enjoy; we watch them to judge and rip them apart. But this one was something different, and boy did we enjoy it?

Borrowed Time may not be turned into a full movie, but it is for the best.


Directed by the talented team of Andrew Coats and Lou HamouLhadj, both staff members at Pixar, Borrowed Time is an emotional journey of a sheriff – he revisits the site of accident from his childhood, a memory that he has not fully recovered with. The beautiful part of the emotional and hard-hitting memory is that it forcefully attracts the audience and puts everyone in the shoes of the protagonist.

It is not a surprise that the movie won such prestigious accolades the year it was released, and deservedly so – plus Pixar wouldn’t invest in a lost cause.

Emotionally charged? Yes. Should you invest your $3? Yes. Will you recommend it to your friends? Absolutely.

Borrowed Time from Borrowed Time on Vimeo.


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