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Silent Hearts: An Outstanding Short Film Made by an FTII Student

silent hearts, short film, FTII

Short Film: Silent Hearts

Screenplay and Direction: Aakansha Chitkara

This short film shows the lives of two couples through a series of parallel shots.

The crux and the context of the film is surely going to turn this into your First Love.

silent hearts, short film, aakansha chitkara

Silent Hearts, which is a short film made by a 24-year old genius has this superior cinematic finesse, which is a sure chip carried by every FTII graduate. The hard hitting shots along with the final editing lend a powerful edge to the story line.

It has a simple and relatable story-line about the power of love and rejection, through fate or after being dumped out of commitment issues. The actors play their characters with high intensity doses and are perfectly cast.

Thus, you have got to be ready for a dramatically relatable watch before pressing the play button.

The awesome thing is that,

There is no lull for even a second throughout the duration of this FTII short.

As you want to keep knowing what will happen next and can’t wait to be a part of the tidal wave of emotions. You somehow feel like you yourself have gone through all this during some phase of your life.

The creator of this short film is a girl with whom I graduated with back in Delhi. A girl so full of life and laughter, that I was surely not ready to have my tear ducts activated.

Here is the film right there for you.

It would be much more meaningful if you see its power for yourself and let us know how awesome you found it in the comments below.

Reel Value: 7.5/10

Cast: Shweta Gupta, Bhuvan Arora, Kristine Zedek, Raj Singh Verma




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