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A Stupid Tale About a Movie-Less Week

This might sound random and a little out of context and timing but, if I may ask, what is the one thing that makes you really happy?

So happy that you feel this adrenaline pumping through with this wild, ecstatic feeling of being complete. What is the one thing that changes your blues to different hues and stuff like that?

For me, one thing I know that makes me feel better and away from all those horrible thoughts and tensions are movies! Movies of all shapes, sizes and lengths.

Be it about a monster out to get his victim or a group of teens who can’t stay away from doing random, stupid things; my aim in life is to view them all in their vast magnitude and propensity.

They make my life larger than it is and make every detail about my day so bloody interesting. Sometimes, I wish I could just go in their world and stay there forever.

And what happens when I can’t view a movie throughout the week or if someone invades my movie territory? Don’t even get me asking on the mood swings that emanate from every sense of my being towards the person- boss, sleep, roommate, cook, pee, poo who gets in between my world and their ordinary sense of beings.

I mean what can be more productive than watching Uma Thurman slicing off O-Ren Ishii or Harvey Specter looking like a Greek God who I could kiss multiple times on my, err, laptop screen.

No matter how far off and unavailable these characters are in my ‘real’ and ‘physical’ life, they just somehow manage to make me feel better than the person sitting right next to me at times. I mean how the hell can that be possible, right?

But it’s true! Not once, but many times.

And all those times when you meet a random group of strangers, I mean who can save you from those grogheads (whatever that means) than watching the latest trailer of ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’.

You know what, I actually feel like a Dead Man, because somehow we have all stopped telling tales and are just so much more happy in viewing tales instead. Because the tales on the screens are so much more nicer, larger (IMAX), colourful (HHHD), beautiful and REAL!

I mean when did our lives turn so bloody black and white that we felt happier to just run to that world, so far off yet so real.


Maybe, one day we would be a part of that or maybe someday all of us would do the things that we love, instead of just being, just being somebody we weren’t born to be alright!

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