Game of Thrones actors Look Completely Different

These Game of Thrones Actors Look Completely Different From Their Characters

When it comes to perfection, Game of Thrones makers know how to do it right. From storyline to cinematography. From visual efffects to massive sets, Game of Thrones has done everything right. But one thing we often tend to forget is the effort put by the make-up and prosthetic team of GoT. The amount of effort put in detailing each character is nothing short of tremendous.

Here are few characters of Game of Thrones which look completely different in real life




Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun, our favorite giant from the series, who died a sad but a brave death was played by Ian Whyte. This is not the only role played by whyte in GoT. standing at 7 ft 1 in, he has played the mountain in 3 episodes and also the white walker in the pilot episode of Game of Thrones

Varys played by Conleth Hill


We all very well know Varys. The mastermind of conspiracies and the lord of whispers. He plays a eunuch in the show and even looks like one. But add hair to his face, he looks like a cute dad who wants nothing but your time and ice-cream.

Septa unella played by Hannah Waddingham


Shame! Shame! Shame that we couldn’t see her beautiful face properly in the show. Even though most of her face was visible, but after seeing her beautiful blonde hair and the bright broad smile, we just cant understand how did she manage to pull of the role of Septor Unella.

Beric Donderrion played by Richard Dormer


Its not easy to play a guy who has been resurrected multiple times. With all the scars and an eye patch, Beric looks like someone fresh out of a pirates of the Caribbean or a Mummy movie. But in real life Richard Dormer who plays Beric in the show looks like a candidate for the next James Bond movie.

Leaf played by Kae Alexander


Kae Alexander had to sit on a chair for 10 hours straight for the make-up of Leaf – The surviving member of Children of Forest. And you can see the result very well for yourself, no one can say the one on the left is same as the one on the right

Night’s King Played By Richard Brake


We don’t have to say anything about it do we?

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