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A Tribute To The Show That Makes People Hustle

Suits. A show that premiered back in 2011 and is still running high in content and performance even after 5 years of its launch. I have some personal reasons to state the obvious in this review (like how it has taken over my life).

Let’s pay a worldwide tribute to the show that teaches you about hard work, intelligence, street smartness and oh the sexiest form of common sense.

Even though I am a little too late in absorbing the intricate intelligence employed by the screenwriters of this series, i must say I am glad I pressed on the play button this year. I haven’t been able to stop the binge watch since then. Two seasons down and it doesn’t make my marathon any less quicker in it’s regularity and speed.

As you guys love to read lists, I would like to present my defense over why this show is such a masterpiece.

It is real in its unrealness

mike ross and harvey specter

source: blog.legaler

Even though watching a lawyer who ‘never’ fails teaming with a genius junkie with a photographic memory is kind of impossible to witness in real life, their relationship and actions make the unrealness fade away. Isn’t that why shows are made? They let you witness the impossible and make it real in your life (some parts of it). If you do a study on people with photographic memory, you would place them in the insane category while Mike Ross is pretty normal to be tagged as one. Leaving all of this unrealness aside, this show throws a plethora of emotions right at your face and what is life if not a bag of emotions eh?

It opens the door to your strongest asset

mike ross cute

source: manganese

Suits has the power to pump you up into tapping your strongest power! It somehow manages to do that. Seeing such stalwarts cracking the courts with aplomb due to their sheer intelligence and smartness makes you want to absorb their charms and crack it big in the field you work in. It’s been working for me, I am sure you would feel as much motivated if you watch it.

*I’m the man bitches*

It shows that worshiping your work is the best way to sort your life

suits still

source: zap2it

You might be poking your daggers at me, because you see how hard it is even for the characters to manage their professional and personal life. It’s actually a mess. But when you dive into your work like the chums at Pearson Hardman, you would not have one unproductive day in your life. Suits managed to kill that lazy hormone inside my body and all I had to do was watch these handsome actors perform. That’s it!

Trust me you would get your mojo back after watching this show.

It shows that appearances do matter


source: cloudpix

You might be having the worst day in your life but the way you decide to show your face to the rest of the world should not give it away. You get to learn that from Harvey Specter, the man who is always impeccably dressed no matter what the circumstance. You just got to rock each day of your life and no one would have the power to make you fly off your handle.

It shows that being sexy and hustling is awesome

suits 2

source: christianpost

Don’t get me wrong, I am not making bedroom jokes here. In Suits, seeing those lawyers dressed up so sexily makes you want to stare at them all day long. From Harvey Specter to Rachel Zane, watching people so comfortable in their skin teaches you a thing or two about the charms your personality develops if you dress sexy. Now being sexy is quite subjective, so just pick your perspective and dress that way all your life!

What got you hooked to the show? I would love to start a conversation in the comments below.



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